What do you want to get out of your role? …How should the organisation be changed by your leadership? How well are you coping with your executive responsibility?Can you improve your management and leadership styles? …and what’s your legacy?

Thinking about the way you and your senior team work can raise some important questions. Answering them can transform how you handle responsibilities, especially in senior management, executive and board roles.

What you get out of coaching is personal to each client’s goals and ambitions… or tailored to the senior team’s needs. Past clients have reported benefits including:

  • Increased self-awareness and better understanding of their impact
  • Deeper self-belief and confidence when facing challenges
  • Clarity of thinking about complex organisational change
  • A broader repertoire of approaches to problem-solving, and making and implementing decisions
  • Greater courage in making changes within their organisations
  • New ways of working


I have coached hundreds of talented high potential senior managers, executives and board members, and numerous top teams, from a wide range of sectors. They’re at the top of their organisations and…

  • Strive to unlock the high potential within themselves and their companies
  • Want to learn and continuously develop their skills
  • Strive to be effective in their interactions across their organisations and lead high performing teams
  • Seek a balance with their personal lives in light of demanding schedules, stakeholders and organisations

I work with clients across most sectors, including financial services, professional services, FTSE 350 and other listed organisations, privately-held and family businesses, government, not-for-profit and the charity sector. And that’s one-to-one or in teams.