I support ExCos and Boards getting to grips with the relationships involved in their leadership teams. Forming a high-functioning top team is critical for the organisation to realise its goals. But the full weight of and responsibility for the strategy and culture of an organisation – combined with executives’ ‘day jobs’ – impacts top team dynamics. And not always positively. Diverse, ambitious, and time-poor executives, working together in stressful and high-profile roles, face communication and collaboration challenges every day. The best top teams call in expert support.

1. Deep professional knowledge and business acumen

I bring financial and strategic experience – as a coach, as a management consultant, and as an ex-banker – into every assignment, enabling me to understand your organisation’s vision and strategy, its stakeholders, and how it competes in its markets.

I also use deep insight gained from two decades of executive coaching to get a grip on the interpersonal and psychological dynamics at play. The combination helps clarify what’s going well – and what’s getting in the way of – the group working together to achieve the organisation’s strategic aims.

2. A fully tailored programme

In close consultation with the CEO, the Chair and key members of the team, I aim to get up-to-speed quickly with what’s happening in the organisation and with its leadership team and Board.

Following confidential conversations with key stakeholders, we co-create a team coaching programme that fits into the strategic agenda of the organisation. It will include observation in meetings, one-to-one interviews, leadership profiling (psychometrics); 360 feedback and an off-site to agree findings and a way forward together.

3. Shifting behaviours and intent

Very soon into the engagement, we determine the team’s best, and how it can achieve that ‘best’ continually; how the strategy and culture are guiding – or dragging – efforts; how the leader’s management style is helping – or hindering – agile collaborative working. And crucially: where change can be made quickly and long term.

With insight and support, top teams and Boards quickly reduce misunderstandings, clarify where challenge and conflict help or undermine the way forward, and shift the internal politics and dreaded organisational drift and delay. It becomes evident to executives when the team is communicating efficiently, getting things done, and enjoying themselves as well as role-modelling the best of the organisation’s culture.